Three weeks in Québec

Posted Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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After travelling throughout Europe for weeks, I've arrived in Montréal for three weeks. Some hiking, biking, skating, shopping, and of course eating, not even mentionning swimming and relaxing is going on under the very hot sun --luckily summer hangs around a little longer here this fall...

We arrived on the second of September, me and my mom, after seven long hours on the plane -surrounded by kids.
The usual jetlagged got us feeling strange for days (6 hours earlier makes the first day a very long one...) then there was a small party and good food.
Organic food is really getting big here, though very close to the USA, Québec still clings to some reason. Very dearly at that, because the French-speaking minority is fighting really hard for its rights. It's realy impressive though what they already have achieved as a minority.

We went to the countryside near lake Massawippi, and, well... Didn't do as much as I'd have liked, except the other day when we went to Mount Orford. It's a tall rounded hill, or a small mountain according to your references. My mom and friends climbed in a plastic bubble to take it easy, while I aimed straight for the top, on foot.
The 500m climb was done in less than 25 minutes, and I only missed people like you, Lars, Katerina or Floriane for running it up with me. Rockriding in Norway still sits clear on my mind guys!

Then there was some biking and walking and shopping, but on the whole not much and I'm slightly bored, waiting for this weekend's folk music event. Jana, you'd love this one! It's organized by my mother's friend's son and it will feature dozens of artists from Québec and Europe for two days of playing, singing, dancing, and general feasting. If you want to see me, I'll probably be running around with piles of plates or barrels of beer...

While in town, I go around on skates and were it not for the nice town I'd stay home, cos this place is NOT inline-friendly. Every winter cracks the roads, that's still ok, but their bike tracks never ever have priority over cars. Read: complete stop every block... Urgh!
Still, hanging around is very enjoyable: surprising buildings spring out every minute, skyscraper or church, all quite special in their own way. I hope to be able to show some pictures but it might take a while...

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