Here are some recipes from my friends and me, and they're terrrrribly good. Enjoy!
Of course, while French-speaking cooks should turn to, English-speaking ones can can fall back to All which is just not as good but not too bad either.

Easter cake
From : Adeline
Lemon cake
From : Adeline
Lemon pie
From : Clem
Cheese gnocchis
From :
Chocolate Cake
From : Evelina
Goat cheese and mint pie
From : Floriane
Mustard and tomato pie
From : Floriane
Egg mirette
From : Floriane
Cheese steak
From : Floriane
Choco-Coco cake
From : Floriane
Special (omelette)
From : Goulven
Vegetable tourte
From : Goulven
White sauce for pasta
From : Goulven
Lemon Cream
From : Goulven
Goat cheese and vegetable quiche
From : Gwen and Julie
Pear pie
From : Julie
Apple Strüdel
From : Kabuki
Yummy cup cake
From : Katerina
Rapsberry dream
From : Katerina
Swedish Lussekatter
From : Kristina
Semlor (traditional Swedish buns)
From : Kristina
Chocolate Chip cookies
From : Lucie
Swiss brioche (Züpf)
From : Marmiton
Klädkaka (Traditional Swedish Chocolate Cake)
From : Mona
Chicken à la Gaston-Gérard
From : Pierre & Sylvie
Våfflor (traditional Swedish... Waffles)
From : Sweden
Pepparkakor (traditionnal scandinavian spice cookies)
From : Tommi

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