Firefox, I love you!

Posted Monday, February 21, 2005

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The reproduction I was talking about is finished (more or less) and is to be found through my "official" section or here -original here. Now it's gonna get technical...

I have gotten rid of frames, relying on a fixed layout throughout to carry the same effect. Given the simplicity of the pages, it's no big harm to send the header information over and over again. I use only two divs, maybe I could get rid of them but that would really be pushing it to the very end -might as well serve it as xml while we're at it!
I've used all the wonderful tools at my disposal: first and foremost, FireFox but also two very web-designer oriented extensions. The first one, Colorzilla is a lot more than a pixel-precise color picker: it allows for measuring, and DOM-path checking, which is just purrfect for _cascading_ style sheets... Consider the following nice example:

#releases ul li {padding-bottom: 2em}
#releases ul li ol li {padding-bottom: 0}

But It would have taken me MUCH longer without Edit CSS, a sidebar-like plugin that allows you to rewrite CSS -live! for whichever page (server or local) and see the consequences of rules applied AS YOU TYPE! And now, for those still reading, the trophy...

I had started out fine, coding the mainframe and checking it under FF, then laying out in CSS. Once it was done and properly laid, IE (crash-)test. I could use simpler rules like the one above, instead of the more savvy + and > ooperators so I didn't really pull my hair. Now, my pages look just fine under FF and IE and I decide to check Opera, which being reputedly compliant shouldn't cause any harm when IE manages to behave without hacks. Heck! no... :-(
My divs float inside the other like lovers interlaced, which is graphically nice but absolutely not expected. What went wrong... float? overflow? margins and borders, some other property that I forgot to nullify straight through? There are many possibilities and I know too little about Opera to just pinpoint it by looking at it. Gotta go (badminton match), but also gotta get back on this one...

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