Extracting files from Office documents

Posted Friday, May 26, 2006

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Ever needed to recover an image from a .doc or .ppt file?

Drag'n drop does only crap on Windows so we need another way of doing this. No, there's no "save image" dialog or anything so simple. We have to force Word or Powerpoint or Excel to save the file in a format in which it cannot lock everything together. For this purpose, html is a very good option.

Select "Save as a webpage" in the File menu and choose the name and format. XML would do too, but certainly not mht. Pick a place to save your file and click Save.
Now open the folder you saved into and locate the <your_file_name>_files folder and peer inside it: all your images and embedded files are right there! Copy them to wherever you want and you're good to go. You can safely throw the html export and <your_file_name>_files to the trash because you won't need them anymore.

Don't worry if after saving to this other format your document looks different, you're now viewing the newly created document and your original hasn't changed a bit.

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