OS incompatibilities

Posted Tuesday, March 7, 2006

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I plugged my USB drive to a Mac running OS9. And lost 2Gb's worth of data (one partition), since doz said it had to format the partition before it could mount it.

Desperate to get my stuff back, I booted using Ubuntu liveCD and managed to recover half the files. Blessed be Linux and Open Source Software!

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comment #1 On 07/03, Fetard wrote :

Did u try to plug your Ipod on the Mac, and after, plug it on the PC?

comment #2 On 08/03, Korbo wrote :

Nope. Too afraid I'll lose the iPod itself, heard it can't be reformatted more than once, and besides I don't want to risk its data being lost. I know, it being apple and all, this might work but as the saying goes: once bitten, twice shy.

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