XML and CSS for ATOM

Posted Thursday, January 26, 2006

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When XSLT seems overkill or you don't want to invest time into learning it, CSS can help. Because, though I thought otherwise until recently, CSS can be used to style XML. Which makes for much friendlier feed display should one wish to preview the feed inside a browser window.

I was first inspired by the way feeds are displayed with Safari, but I didn't look deep enough to see that anyone can do so, for any browser.
Mark Pilgrim showed the way in his article about user-friendly feeds (and the second one too)

So here goes: styled atom feed
I didn't take the trouble to do it for RSS since it's displayed as escaped HTML... Pretty ugly whatever styling you put it through.

[UPDATE: I've recently installed Feed View for Firefox (will be integrated in the next release) and I couldn't live without it now. No more xml source tree when you click on a feed but a highly readable version of it. Very cool for previewing before subscribing...]

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