Banvall, a rider's paradise in Sweden

Posted Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Around Ulricehamn is a vast network of cycle tracks, some perfectly asphalted, on which bikes and roller-skates alike can have a lot of fun. Yet no one cared to put anything on the web, so here's from my experience.

Banvall means railroad as far as I know, because this network has been built where the former railway was. From Ulricehamn it goes to the South, West and North, but minor tracks here and there lead to smaller places.

I rode it from Borås to Ulricehamn, so I only have first-hand information about this part.
From Borås you need to ride to the closest village connected to the Banvall but the highway features a bike track so things are not too bad, and it's only 5km.

Then on, the track is perfect asphalt, about 2m-wide, with gravel on the side and hardly any crossing. The road is generally distant and most of the time, you'll only hear the trees and birds...

I've tried kicking the rocks away but there might be some left, so watch out as long as the side is gravel. Dirt and mud is rare, at least was then.
There are benches on the side if you need a break or a place to eat, but don,t expect to find any shop: the Swedish countryside can be very wild...

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