From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 16

Posted Monday, August 15, 2005

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Two days until I fly, two days to finish my müsli and soups.

Broke my sunglases tonight, shifting in my sleep I heard an ominous crack. Too bad, I'll need them now! Less weight to carry, then... The mosquitoes put up a real fight tonight. Repellent or not, they swarm around my face buzzing very loudly. Finally I thought of spraying the repellent onto the sleeping bag and they buzzed away as fast as they came, trying to determine if they can overcome their nausea. Still now in plain daylight I slaughter one every second almost. What a plague...
There was somerustling close by last night, and by the snapping of branches I'd ay that it was a doe. Couldn't see how close though, because of the dark. And I forgot to mention seeing a fox on the road yesterday, looking up at me with a startled look. This müsli is boring. I'd better be riding by now, the sun's not too hot and the road is not too crowded.
How bad the places of man for camping sites, I really slept good here, much better than on the wooden floor of the wind shelter!
Clouds are forming in the perfect blue sky,over every field. I can even see the air shaking above the corn heads... I've the impression that here the weather's too hot for the country and every time it gets warmer than 20 it takes a thunderstorm to reset the balance. An afternoon of sun, then a shower in the evening: quite a short cycle!
Feeling ill-tempered today, got to change that! Don't want to spend the whole day with someone moody.
Reached the town at 12, found a SEB office and a locker for my things. Bought bread, apples and cheese paste, had lunch on a bench near the canal. I cansmell the sea from here, and I didn't miss the smell... The weather is really hot and bound to rain any minute, so I'll visit while my bags are in the locker, I don't want to pay for it again tomorrow. I'll look for something to read, for the airport and the plane. Mosquitoes are a real plague in this country, I was bitten three times on the left foot by the time I peeled my sock from the right one. Still moody, and still have a day and a half to waste in tis place.
Nyköping was boring until the party kicked in. I'd left my bags in a locker, gone for a stroll then settled down at the libary and read half of "all tomorrow's parties" beforedrifting back towards the locker. Which, as you'd expect was now locked behind walls and gates... I had to finally call the alarm company to have someone sent to open it, which was no easy task! By eight I'd got it all together -that's now- and will look for a place nearby, for light is already growing dim on the horizon. At least I know what to do tomorrow: close my bank account and go finish the book at the library, starting page 79.

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