From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 15

Posted Sunday, August 14, 2005

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Only two more days on the road and I'll be flying.

The sun is shining, but the road is still wet. Slept very well, despite the usual fight with mosquitoes. It's very appropriate that I always sleep within hearing distance of the road, after all this is a road-trip! Talking of that, last night a number of special cars drove by, all in one direction. Plenty of old american ships, vividly-coloured stock-car, ablack GT-monster... Swedes have a very particular relation to cars, but I don't know what it consists of.
The asphalt is drying up fast, so I'll finish eating and writing and get back to looking for the old E4.
(Later) Today again I did as Penelope, undoing the previous day's work. Only a big slope though, and I wouldn't have had such a good spot so no regrets. Reached my first landmark on the way to Nyköping, Stavsjö, where I just had a swim. But dark thunder clouds are coming, menacingly, so I won't be able to wait for fresher conditions.
(Later) Jönåker! Now my only landmark left is Nyköping itself. I will reach it tomorrow, but I stopped only a few km from it. In places the asphalt was horrible today, but in others it was just perfect, that's why I did the last 30km painlessly.
I found a not-too-bad spot, between road and field. Not as wet as the last, so it shouldn't reek like rotting corpse with every wind turn, but there are mushrooms and ants. The latter seem to be everywhere in the eastern half of the country... The weather was heavy and hot today, but it didn't come pouring down.From wjere I am I can see Ryanair planes landing and taking off, and it feels like the end of the trip. Good...
I really don't know what I'll do these last days, I wish I could leave tomorrow!
Will be glad to stop, because my feet and legs need a good break, and new skates too. I must be deficient in many vitamins and minerals now, but I'll be able to remedy that on the other side of the Baltic Sea. Vegetable, dairy products and proteins, here I come!

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