From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 13

Posted Friday, August 12, 2005

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Reached Linköping where the bike network is very impressive: it simply doubles every road in town... Bought a 30 crown pizza, which tasted much better than I expected for that price.

Forgot to mention that I slept very good last night indeed, the hard ground theory seems to have some truth to it. Will ask if I can take the airport coach from Norrköping there, otherwise I'll have to do the end on my own as well. I keep tightening my belt, but my back and legs feel stronger now so that's a good deal!
There's another fantastic stretch of bike track that goes almost from Mjölby to Linköping, but it's f***ing not indicated! Hope it goes on to Norrköping too, if so I might get there today!
From what I've seen, this town is pleasant to visit with its old town, bike tracks and numerous parks. But I won't visit it this time, I'm too eager to reach Norrköping and meet Peter to stay here long. It's a mere 44km away from here but I've ridden some today already... Only 65km to Nyköping after that. Five days, I won't take chances with the weather but I can make it.
The pizza's slowing me quite... And refills the belly I'd lost! Right now I need a break, my feet ache and the sun's too high. Plus, I want to jot this down lest I forget: I've just been told the way half in Swedish, half in English, and half in Japanese. I thanked the old lady with "Arigato gozaimasu" and she seemed quite surprised! Pleasantly I hope despite my poor accent.

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japanese thing --> LOL :-D

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