From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 12

Posted Thursday, August 11, 2005

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I did it!

What? Shake hands with Roger, the head of the Karmanik family and Cold Meat Industry, talk with him and even buy loads of CDs from him. Don't ask me how many, just believe me when I say that temptation is irresistible when the whole catalogue is in front of you...
His place is only so hard to find when you don't know it. I even asked their next-door neighbour! Well, it's a large house, strangely shaped, old and intimidating like a watchdog. It's being renovated when running the label, the mail-order and a full house leave the Karmanik familly time enough, but you can already tell that it's swarming with possibilities... The BDN studio is a terrible place to leave any piece of electronics in, its innermost screams will be pulled out my a not-so-manic-looking Roger. I still wonder if the machines started screaming before being rewired or if they had it already inside of their silicon hearts...
After hours and hours of skipping through all those releases, I managed to refrain from buying everything and clutched a dozen CDs I couldn't leave behind me. I took mostly ambient -sorry Roger! My days of masochistic industrial listening seem a bit over lately. Raison d'être, early Sephiroth, Arcana and more.
Left Mjölby around 5 and stopped before Linköping, in a perfect spot: cars, tractors and airplanes taking off every five minutes. But since I seem to sleep better between motorway and railway, this should be a good night! The sky is fantastic, and it might be clear tomorrow, enough for me to make good progression towards Norrköping where Peter Andersson lives. Maybe i can see him too! Six days to Nyköping, plenty of time to make pleasant stops.
I still need to kick the nestles out from around my camp, so that's it for today!

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