From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 11

Posted Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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Couldn't sleep last night. Too bad! I had paid for the bed and the roof, yet all I could do through the dark hours was toss and turn in the soft and warm bed. Seems I need rough and hard ground now... Or was it a full moon? At least, my clothes are clean and decent-looking again.

It was raining all morning but with nothing better to do I finally set out and the clouds cleared as if on miraculous cue. I could even reach the Röksten on skates, through nice countryside. It's the longest runic inscription in the whole world, full of riddles and litterary allusions that ook centuries to decipher. Ate lunch there, saw what little there was to be seen then packed and headed for Väderstad. I skated hard and fast, with the rain constantly chasing after me, allowing me no rest. I cleared through Väderstad, aimed for Hogstad and reached it as well. Yet, 1km from Mjölby I couldn't flee fast enough and the long looming shower finally rushed me to hide under a bridge. On foot I got into town and started asking around for "Villa Ekö". Tough luck: nobody ever heard about it. A dozen negative answers then a woman said she recognised the street number, she actually lived there! Strange, I thought, that she didn't know that name. Her explanations led me nowhere though, and as the bags began to seriously break my back -no wonder after 20kms on skates and 10 on foot!- I just sat in the middle of the map and ate while a light drizzle fell. I'll feel stupid but go back to those who had the street number, maybe my Swedish isn't good enough to understand precise explanations. When I find it, I'll just check the opening hours and head out of town for a place to sleep. Just 7 days left, not much way, no hurry...
The urge for an ice cream is really hard to fight in town, when all around people carry junk food. Gotta fight this, keep the money for CDs if I can buy some in the end.

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