From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 7

Posted Saturday, August 6, 2005

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Despite the repellent and having only my nose out of the sleeping bag, those damn bugs kept buzzing in my ears like a highway. Still, sleeping by a lake isn't the best way to avoid them!

The rain drummed, the bugs hummed, the ground was hard against my hips yet by and by the night came and went, leaving me fresher. Yesterday's dark clouds are lined with more blue and the roads is drying up -pray do not break upon this country again today! As soon as the asphalt is dry and my müsli (dry, too) is finished I'll pack and be on my wheels again. Another positive sign is that the first person to have been by my bird tower was an athletic-looking girl on a bike who even greeter me as she pedalled away fast. Good way to start the day!

Night. What can I say... Hard to believe, maybe? Thunder showers kept falling all afternoon after I finally reached the postcard town of Ulricehamn. I went to a sport equipment renting shop called Resdax, right on the banvall itself, and asked for information because this is a definite hit spot for any sport lover willing to experience a nice bit of Sweden. Then bought some supplies: bread and apples, cheese paste and something I had longed for: instant mashed potatoes. I sent four letters, maybe I should wait until Latvia instead to have cheaper and nicer stamps. After this I washed at the cold lake and got on my way, but right as I was leaving town the rain started -again! I asked an old man and it appeared that I was headed for a dirt track, so I went back to the shop and asked for advice. The shopkeeper, very amiably studied my map, called her husband for another opinion, studied the map again then recommended that I head for Köttkulla and sleep in the cabin at the national park of Komosse. Before I left she added -so casually that I dared not believe it- that she could drive me there after she had closed the shop. She kept to her word! I was walking, desperate after two consecutive showers and only marshes all around when a car stopped at my level and she was there. What a relief!
I was treated to varm choklad och smörgåsar, and more advice from her husband then they dropped me at Komosse with all my bags and a warm feeling. I'll try to describe the place in more details tomorrow, when I can see what I write. But right now, a warm bottle of lake water awaits my cold feet in my sleeping bag...

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