From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 5

Posted Thursday, August 4, 2005

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Yesterday, after studying the map for a while I went to the tourist information and I swear had the most wonderfull surprise of the whole trip: a green way! From Borås to Ulricehamn, then on various roads I should enjoy perfect asphalt for something close to 200kms.

Believe it or not but I spent days googling for thiskind of information without getting anything beyond the Göteborg or Stockholm bike maps. What kind of country is that? This should have been top hit in all major search engines yet none of it appears anywhere! At least, other tourist offices should know about it... Next chance I get, I scan the map and put it up on my website, from then on everybody looking for it will find it, first hit.
Well, at least I hit it, thanks to my guardian angel -who always directs me to a graveyard when my bottles are empty as well. Even better, there's a wind shelter not far from the start in Gånghester. It's not indicated but it's after the first road crossing, where there's a small dark wood bridge on the right.
I spent a dry night with warm food despite the constant rain. Always ask, when you need something! Living on impulse has a freshness to it that's very pleasant.
I almost lost my CD player yesterday. I had planned to sleep in Borås, after the usual tiring distance, but pushed on to this Banvall which promised better camp sites (indeed!). As I was skating, mouth gaping in awe at the incredible opportunity, a stone lodged itself in between my wheels and while I struggled to keep my balance the player and its bag were as it seemed snatched away from inside my bag, and flung right into the ditch. I stopped as fast I could and went back to find that my CD player,USB stick and mobile phone had been protected from the water by the slowly soaking cloth around. When I think back on this, I swear it was my guardian demon because, otherwise, how could my player bag jump from my backpack into the water like this?
Today... Nothing. I'll stay, write, eat, rest and wait for the rain to stop washing the road everytime it starts to dry. My legs need some rest too. Plus, why go into the rain when I have a roof? No more dry wood and drinkable water but I will wait one more day. At least I still have food, I'd packed more than 5 days' worth in my bag! It's heavy, but it keeps me from being tempted into buying evil food in the shops.
Only thing I don't like in this shelter is that the fireplace is out and in the rain. When you're cold and soaked, it's hard to start a fire and you can't feel its warmth from under the roof...
I need a shower, badly., not that kind! A shower to clean me, not one to soak theroad every time the sunrays start to dry it up! If the road dries nevertheless by tonight, I'll ride a bit to get water, leaving the bags in the shelter. This is Sweden after all.

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