From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 4

Posted Wednesday, August 3, 2005

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Left early, had good road conditions and reached Borås today at 12.
Just had pizza instead of the pasta I'd have chosen if they had had any, then walked out and saw that just round the corner I could have got some. But don't regret! Ate slowly, yet at the end I really wasn't hungry anymore despite the paper-thin dough. Seems that my squirrel-like diet has diminished my appetite! Even despite the energy spent in propulsion...

The road I was following merges with the highway to Ulricehamn so I will cut straight through to Jönköping, on narrow roads. At today's pace I should reach it in only 4 days but I don't want to presume too much. Especially since my bags and feet are already showing signs of weakness. Just imagine: the iron frame of the bag is bending! I'll look for a trolley in Jönköping, just in case... My right calf is bothering me as well, it feels like cramped in certain positions though not painfully. Hope it won't stay or worsen.
I now carry all the clothes, CDs etc in the big bag, and the food in the smaller one, over in front of me. This relieves both bag and carrier, and makes me much more stable. No more turtle! Plus, I can even lift the bags onto my back from the ground...
The roads are not too badm whenclose enough to a big town the bike tracks are really well done, but it's manageable the rest of the time. Not one single car honked me yet! This is definitely not France, where drivers do their best to sidekick you as they overtake... Good for me!
The weather is menacing though not breaking, and such fresh air is very pleasant. The cold (about 15 degrees C) air dries the sweat off my arms, but my chest is well-protected sandwiched between the bags. It feels quite early (2:30) but I can take some rest, let my legs untire and the pizza turn to sugar. I need a place with access to water, so I can drink against the cramps and wash the sweat away... But first, a treasure hunt: metro for my first fire and mailbox for my first letter. At last! For one whole year I planned to write to some people, and only now do I start committing words to paper...

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