From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 3

Posted Tuesday, August 2, 2005

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My first camp was really messy and it rained, last night's was laid with care and no drop came: Nature's vicious...

Woken up at 4 by a loud noise, some sort of honking. Prayed for it not to be a wild boar, then realised it sounded more like an elk looking for a mate. I can hear the trains in the distance, and the highway. How different from Dallarna! Last night as I wrote I thought of the passage in Norway in "La Meglio Juventú". And I forgot to mention how, the very first night, lying down for sleep at last felt so divine...
The weather is cold today, sky hidden by a layer of clouds. Soon as I've finished this can of thuna fish, I head on to Hindås.
Hindås? Why stop? Bollebyggd is only a whisp away now! The road is steep but I push hard and make it there by 5:30. Find water and a place to sleep, between bike- rail- and highway. I have earplugs anyway, and I don't like to get too far from the road because it's wasted energy. Plus I don't want to know why the wood nearby has bear in its name...
No dry wood so it's gonna be cold soup, Polish lentils, quite spicy and very good -thank you Dorotka!
One letter and sleep by ten.

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