Further and deeper

Posted Friday, July 15, 2005

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Might be almost unbelieavable to those who've seen me some years ago.

Today I've practiced diving some more, and especially underwater swimming. I can now dive straight into the waters and swim for something like five meters, 1m below the surface. Quite some progress in one week don't you think? :-)
And I'm drinking in less and less water each time...

Surprisingly, I find it easier swimming underwater, because at least I don't bother about my head and I can concentrate on the motions. I'm surprised by the pressure on my eardrums at 1m, could you tell me if it's usual?

One last thing and then I'll let it sink ;-) for tonight: when I decide to reach for the surface, it really takes a loooooong time... Maybe it's more than 1m after all!

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comment #1 On 15/07, Lucie wrote :

Incroyable mais vrai...

Et au fait, merci d'avoir fait le menage dans mon guestbook ;-)

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