Yet another CMS, take 3

Posted Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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After some talk and criticism on the previous take, I'm still trying to find the best solutions for several problems.

One of them would be tags. I don't want them to be bottom-up or top-down all the way, so I guess I'll have to go for both: bottom-up input, top-down management. (This baby's getting real fat...)
One way of avoiding duplicate tags would be to make it easy to reuse existing tags (to avoid typos for instance).
If you're still with me, that means bottom-up and top-down!

Another issue with tags is that some are more general than others and things like code, bugs, breaking news can all be related to computers. How to code the relationship between categories? I thought I could use the tag field of the tag table for this purpose: every tag that is tagged is a sub-tag.

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comment #1 On 12/07, Fetard wrote :

What do you mean by "tags"?

comment #2 On 13/07, Korbo wrote :

I mean... folksonomies as encountered in technorati, and flickr or in GMail.

Tags (aka folksonomy) typically refer to users being able to add metadata in a collaborative, unhierarchised way. It's the big thing now

comment #3 On 15/07, Korbo wrote :

A lengthy historical overview of the disappearance of folders for tags can be found in this article on death of hierarchy.

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