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Posted Thursday, March 4, 2004

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This posts contains copy-and-paste from Novenarik's comments in DeviantArt, so if his gallery up there is taken down my gallery can keep up.

Jorydayne launch

Ok! So I just launched my portfolio site -- as usual I'm going with the whole heart dichotomy. I used a few textures from temabina's phenominal stock-gallery for the interfaces as well as patterns from squidfingers.
In the atrium I got what I feel are my best vector pieces up as well as my best polaroids: >>[Site down]

In the ventricle (AND THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN) I have a new idea I'm playing around with. Sometimes in the course of the day, a friend and I (or just me sometimes) will come across a question worth asking, worth milling over, worth etc etc etc -- and while its fun to keep it to yourself, I want to open it up to discussion.

So whenever the urge strikes -- I post a question, and then we have at it. The first discussion point is this:
"Consider yourself on a high place: the side of a mountain, atop a bridge, the lookout deck of your favorite tall-tall building. On any given night, you may see hundreds of thousands of lights below: street lamps, torchlights, bedroom lamps shining through the windows. Each of these lights could potentially represent anywhere from one to five people. Do the math. Estimate the millions of people represented immediately at your feet.
You will probabably never meet 99.9% of those people."

So it can be a how does that make you feel? type answer, it can be similar experiences, etc, whatever. Don't answer here (if you answer at all), I want to keep the conversation going in one location >>[Site down]
Also, if you've had one of these moments, share them with me, drop me a note, if they're worth repeating, I'll post them there. Updates on the project will be posted to my journal here...

Thanks! Jory
PS! Prints coming soon, more vector art is in the works -- just waiting for the go ahead from the higher ups.

Modern prometheus

I did this image a while ago, one of the pieces that went into my newblood spread. This is the variation though, that I submitted to the Utah showing of the traveling exhibit "Frankenstein: Probing the Secrets of Nature," developed by the National Library of Medicine and the American Library Association.

I wanted to, instead of focusing on Dr. Frankenstein's monster, to focus on the fact that the monster was a direct result of the good Dr.'s ingenuity, his obsession, and his passion. Instead of focusing on the product, I wanted to express the 'equation.'

After the showing was over, the exhibition space purchased my print, and it is now on "permanent" display in the Atrium of Utah Valley State College's Library.

I should have a print available by the end of the day, in sizes up to 24x36", because this thing looks soooo good huge, and I want one for myself.

Secret ministry

Further proof that I've been listening to Sigur Rós's "( )" and Björk's "Vespertine" way too much.

I don't think people grasp what winter really means to me. I think a lot of people take it for granted, grumbling at the snow and ice and the cold gray sky. But I lived in Arizona for the large part of my life, and winters we're a chilly 65° F . So now that I live in Utah, Winter is the most absolutely surreal time for me. To see my breath, to watch crystals form on windows, to realize for the first time that snowflakes aren't really all that microscopic and that you can actually *see* their intricate patterns as they freeze to the windshield -- it's truly bizarre.

The two albums mentioned above probably say winter the loudest to me, and I don't think I could live without either -- so moving.
Anyway, the image:
About a week off and on in PS6 (as per usual), typically worked on from 11pm to 3am. It went through tons of different forms, sizes cropping etc. I'm putting this out as a WP, as a collab with Triopt in a horizontal format

I used a model from a photograph by Ishmez T., with his written permission of course. I wanted a kind of bitter-but-beautiful look about her, so I think that came off really well. But most of all, I am so thrilled with the way the texturing on her skin turned out: *exactly* the way I envisioned it. The little etchings are actually little tiny branches from winter trees; from a brush set by Triberadio. Am I allowed to say brushset?

It's a little more artsy than the sterile little pin-up girls I've done in the past, but this one one probably means the most to me out of all of them. The title is from a poem by Sam Coleridge, called "Frost at Midnight"

Anyway, that's about all I have to get down about this little diddy, I hope you enjoy!

Maahinen neito

OK, so what will prolly be my last piece of art here for at least two years.

This is an illo of sorts from one of my favorite Finnish folkish songs -- and also a gift of sorts for Inziladun who was so kind as to translate many Suomi songs that are precious to me -- thanks Kasper.

mustaksi ne sanoivat pahan panijaksi panettelee
mustaksi ne sanoivat mustempi oli sanoja
manalle mene kulkemaan vene ventoja vesiä
manalle mene kulkemaan ja mustakin vitivalkiaa

maahinen neito saa maasta ja mullastaan
maahinen neito saa suudella sulhoaan
maahinen neito saa maasta ja mullastaan
maahinen neito saa suudella sulhoaan
They said I was black, that I lie with the evil one,
black, they said (those who said it were blacker).
Go travel the underworld, row the secret waters,
to the underworld, where black is snow-white...

The earth-maiden's mate is the earth and the mold,
in earth and mold let her kiss her bridegroom.
The earth-maiden's mate is the earth and the mold,
in earth and mold let her kiss her bridegroom.

More stuff later in the journal.

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