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Posted Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Floriane dragged me last weekend to Copenhagen which we visited at a pace both leasurely and quick, and she certainly deserves my eternal gratitude for taking me to see this beautifull city.

Our coach trip took us through Helsingborg and Malmö, along several eolian generators and finally to the bridge, at sunset since we are lucky. Just arrived on Friday night we spent a very pleasant evening with Rikke and her friend Vibeke (or Wiebke as in German). Throughout the evening we planned our course for the following days before resting our bones on thai mats.


An abandonned citybike welcomes us at the station and as soon as we found another such steed the city streets flew by (so to speak) as we cycled around in the centre,parcs, palace courtyards and other bike tracks (as big as avenues in most places, and as crowded sometimes), among streets with beer names and admiring the usual tourist attractions. Nyhavn, a sort of "Rue des Marronniers" (the street where I lived for 4 years in Lyon) with boats in the middle and restaurants on either side, the little mermaid with its crowd of Japanese tourists, the round tower (Rundetaarn in Danish). As a whole the city is teeming with life, much more pleasant than Göteborg, much bigger too, and varied, and incredibly better for bikes...
We bought sandwiches in Netto (wine on the shelves, very surprising after Sweden! :-)) and ate at the foot of the Rundetaarn before reaching Christiania on time for the guided tour. See Christiania, utopia or reality? -as soon as I have found the time to write it all) to know what I thought about it. We then rode citybikes along the canal, admiring the ducks, swans, waders, gueese, and cursing the cobblestones...
We head back to Rikke, have a nice meal of hot potatoes and creamy vegetables and a very pleasant talk our previous plan of goiing back to the centre just dies out with a puff...


Up early, at the the request of the unstoppable Flo, we ride to the Glyptotek museum (free entrance sunday mornings, good deals everywhere!) to admire the French, Danish, Roman and Egyptian collections. The building itself is nice and roomy. After a medieval-looking courtyard, visitors reach a high-ceilinged room full of palms and other exotic trees.

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