Fluttering wings and hurricanes

Posted Thursday, May 5, 2005

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Que le bonheur des autres me rende malheureux, c'est mauvais signe. Et que j'aie envie de tout plaquer pour me terrer c'est pas mieux. Réaction post-trauma, ca va passer -j'espère.

I learned something about myself tonight. At the expense of a broken dish but it's a clearer insight into the workings of my psyche. As usual it's hard to take but I'll get over it. One day, when all the broken pieces fall together.
For now I'll wait for the wound to close and spending nights out in the countryside is exactly what I need. I just hope they won't resent my stepping aside increasedly cos I won't even try to avoid it.

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comment #1 On 05/05, Fetard wrote :

Ca veut juste dire que tu es encore fragile et que tu ne t'es pas encore débarassé de tes démons...

comment #2 On 06/05, Lucie wrote :

Si c'est moi qui disais ce genre de choses,tu me dirais surement "ca va passer, si tu veux que ca passe..." Alors c'est ce que je te dis maintenant ;-)

comment #3 On 06/05, The Bard wrote :

HARPER: In your experience of the world. How do people change?
MORMON MOTHER: Well it has something to do with God so it's not very nice.
God splits the skin with a jagged thumbnail from throat to belly and then plunges a huge filthy hand in, he grabs hold of your bloody tubes and they slip to evade his grasp but he squeezes hard, he insists, he pulls and pulls till all your innards are yanked out and the pain! We can't even talk about that. And then he stuffs them back, dirty, tangled and torn. It's up to you to do the stitching.
HARPER: And then get up. And walk around.
MORMON MOTHER: Just mangled guts pretending.
HARPER: That's how people change.

(Tony Kushner, Angels in America)

Don't you think you are changing right now?


comment #4 On 09/05, Korbo wrote :

About the fish, yes I do change. But when it comes to managing personal relationships, no. Though I've tried, it doesn't seem to matter much...

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