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Posted Saturday, February 12, 2005

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Isn't overeating said to be one of the strongest symptoms of discontent? And isn't discontent the lever of change? (Steinbeck - Sweet Thursday).
Yes, but our society changes too fast for people to be able to grab things and change them the proper way... So we overeat, and that's all.

I HATE the goddam Swedish roads in winter. Thought it would be a ridable night despite the tons of gravel everywhere on the gorgeous cycle tracks but no, there was a thin but skidding layer of black ice on the asphalt and no way of skating... I hate this!
Got to do more sports, I'm not supposed to be angered that easily. Finding a job might help too. I had to relax and for that I spent two hours in a bath, reading Sweet Thursday until it was cold (the bath).
And today my first waking thought was that I felt like a badly glued stamp. There are days like that...
Too lazy to translate this into French, sorry guys...

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comment #1 On 14/02, Pomdapi wrote :

C'est bien connu, rien de tel qu'un bain glacé pour se relaxer en plein hiver !!! Un bon bain chaud c'était trop banal, c'est ça ? C'est tellement bon, pourtant...

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