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Posted Friday, January 21, 2005

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Comme on me le fait remarquer, je ne suis pas très disert ces temps-ci. Pour une bonne raison: j'étais occupé par mon CV. Et comme avant que la fac ne ferme pour les vacacnes j'avais commencé à améliorer la page pour ajouter des posts... De retour je ne sais plus où j'en étais. Je bosse là-dessus mais pour l'instant je dois surtout reprendre mes marques. Merci pour votre patience!

As has been pointed out to me, I haven't posted in a long long while. There's a good reason for that: I was locked out of the computer room, and then I was working on my resume. What's more, before University closed for the holidays, I had embarked on improving the posting process. I have now lost track of what I was working on but I'm trying to get that fixed. Thank you for your patience!

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comment #1 On 22/01, Fetard wrote :

One little comment : avoid using two variants of blue in your CV... It's better to have few different colors (is it English or litteral translation from French? lol) [edit: it was French...]

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