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Posted Sunday, June 20, 2004

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At the end of my training course, I spent some time re-creating the website of the company I worked at.

The original, image and html included sums up to a heavy 250kb. The replica, though unfinished, is functional, more accessible and much quicker to load thanks to css rollovers and 1px-wide images. It is hand-coded and tableless.

Another important fact is that the replica almost validates as strict html, but for one marquee tag. Compare this to the hundreds of errors generated by the original.

Finally, the entirely hand-coded replica is much easier to edit, as opposed to the table-in-table, useless values force-fed for every single cell, image slice and systematic use of gif images for text-links.

Here are the links to my replica, and to the original.

Lastly, I strongly recomend everyone to stop using M$ IE, to me the worst web-browser ever. Its incoherent support of css gave me a heck of a lot more work. Yet I managed to avoid using any browser-specific trick, by specifying values to other elements when the logical ones were misinterpreted. See? Netscape or any mozilla browser didn't require me to write imperfect code. Now go to Mozilla's website and download a real, reliable and free web-browser. Go on, do it if you haven't already!

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