Friday the 27th, May 2005

Slashdot fun Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Triggered by an allusion to the underpants gnome I reached a slashdot reader's manual on wikipedia which got me laughíng to tears. Geek tears of course... One link promised much, and indeed I was laughing like crazy while reading this slashdot thread...

Du dc dans mon flux - A taste of Dublin in my feed Categories: , , ~ Replies: 5

Je vous l'avais promis, j'ai finalement craqué: mon flux peut désormais afficher le html tel quel, je suis passé au rdf. Voici l'adresse temporaire pour celleux qui veulent tester (feed.php), les autre attendez que j'ai vérifié qu'il n'y a pas de bug.

I had promised, and I did succomb to the temptation: now my feed can contain html thanks to the Dublin Core. The temporary url is the following (feed.php) so you can tell me if you find any bug before I serve it to evreyone.

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Thursday the 26th, May 2005

Boulot-blog - Blog-job Categories: ~ Replies: none

Puisque maintenant je bosse au lieu de blogger, bloggons un peu au lieu de bosser -mais dans ma tête vu que j'ai pas accès au web là-bas :-( !

Since I'm working instead of blogging, let's try and blog from work -as much as my memory allows since I can't surf from there :-( !

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Wednesday the 25th, May 2005

Tagging and sorting, system evolution Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

I just found a very long yet detailed, readable and enlightening piece of writing that talks about categorising and "tags". It's well worth the read in my current opinion.

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Monday the 23rd, May 2005

Grouping contacts in GMail / mailing lists Categories: ~ Replies: none

GMail already has very interesting features among which storage space, efficient spam filtering and conversation view. But before implementing some fancy functions they should have (imho) dealt with some more usefull features because a minimum of sorting makes searching much more efficient.

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Sunday the 22nd, May 2005

La course à pied et moi Categories: ~ Replies: none

Lendemain de semi-marathon, premières impressions à froid (un peu comme l'huile).

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Saturday the 21st, May 2005

21! We did it! Categories: ~ Replies: none

21 km throughout the city. After Floriane, Katerina and me trained all winter the D day of the (semi-)marathon finally arrived. And...

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Exit music (for a film) - Radiohead Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artwork

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Single - Everything but the girl Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artwork

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Des nouvelles - Latest news Categories: , ~ Replies: none

J'ai pas trop posté ces derniers temps, alors voici ce que je deviens en quelques mots.

Been busy, not said much, so here's a quick recap.

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Friday the 20th, May 2005

Spring rolls for breakfast Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Yesterday Floriane and me tried making spring rolls on our own. And, surprisingly, it worked!

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Wednesday the 18th, May 2005

Copenhagen travel notes Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Floriane dragged me last weekend to Copenhagen which we visited at a pace both leasurely and quick, and she certainly deserves my eternal gratitude for taking me to see this beautifull city.

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Copenhague, notes de voyage Categories: , , ~ Replies: 2

Avec Floriane, à qui mon éternelle reconnaissance est acquise, nous avons passé deux jours à Copenhague, la capitale danoise -à un prix défiant toute concurrence et un rythme mi-badaud mi-effréné.

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Tuesday the 17th, May 2005

Encodage d'entités en PHP Categories: , ~ Replies: 2

Que c'est lassant les entités... Au moindre problème on en a pour des heures à les traquer, et quand elles restent sages elles ne font rien de fantastique en récompense... En désespoir de cause j'ai implémenté un jeu de fonctions pour pouvoir afficher des < et des > sans m'arracher les cheveux.

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Computer security information for broadband Categories: , ~ Replies: 5

Do you know what your computer does when you're sleeping? Ever wondered what all those tiny chirps and flashing lights meant? Here's an answer that might not be as innocent as you'd have thought...

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Friday the 13th, May 2005

Weekend à Copenhague - I'm off to Copenhagen Categories: ~ Replies: none

Shrinking universe - Muse Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artwork

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Darkshines - Muse Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artwork

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Stars all seem to weep - Beth Orton Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artworkalbum artwork

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Nouvelle catégorie: lyrics - New category: lyrics Categories: , , ~ Replies: 6

In your room - Depeche mode Categories: , ~ Replies: none

album artwork

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Thursday the 12th, May 2005

Mise à jour de mon flux RSS - Feed update Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Tuesday the 10th, May 2005

Head bangin' drum'n bass Categories: , ~ Replies: none

I've come accross the greatest continuous stream of pure energy drum'n bass I've ever heard. It's served by DrumnbassTV and if you thrive on that kind of sounds, hook up to their stream NOW!
Greatest. Stream. Ever.

Je vous ai à l'oeil! - Big brother referer log Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Il existe de nombreux analyseur de statistiques d'accès mais celui que j'ai est à la fois simple et très facile d'utilisation, en plus d'être téléchargeable gratuitement.

Logging traffic can be done with various methods. My analyser is simple yet highly usable, and available for download.

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Thursday the 5th, May 2005

Fluttering wings and hurricanes Categories: , ~ Replies: 4

Sunday the 1st, May 2005

Par un beau dimanche... - On a clear blue Sunday Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Highlighting search terms Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

There's one thing I hate, and it's those site that highlight search terms. Why?

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