November 2005

People are strange (in dreams) Categories: , ~ Replies: none

I can't tell exactly when, in my dream, the other person became a woman but that's what happened. I'd come into the shop looking for an mp3 player and then the shopkeeper started listening to me very intently, took a break and we were outside, talking and sitting by a road. After a while she had to go back to work and we kissed goodbye, and I still hadn't noticed I'd started talking with a man.
And, yeah, I'm quite obsessed with the idea of an iPod, it even comes out in my dreams! But with mixed feelings as I'd rather not need to "attach" it to a base.
Oh well, time will tell...

July 2005

Des serpents, encore des serpents... Categories: , ~ Replies: 1

Mais pourquoi je rêve de serpents aussi souvent moi?

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North Sea boat dream Categories: ~ Replies: none

The storyline is all confused now, but it all made a lot of sense at the time. Setting out on a big boat, the crew turns against us yet we manage to fight it off, then discover what kind of ugly traffic is going on on the boat. But it's all scrambled now...

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Two dreams to start the day Categories: , ~ Replies: 2

This time I jump to the computer and jot them down. And these were really pleasant... Should I try and reconnect events with what they turn into in the dream? No, it's even less interesting...

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June 2005

Miroir surprise Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Je viens juste d'émerger d'un rêve dans lequel je m'étais à demi rasé le crâne (en sinusoïde pour être précis) avant de demander conseil au Troll. Selon lui fallait descendre à 3mm partout, alors imaginez mon étonnement en voyant 2cm de tignasse se balader sur mon crâne... :-)

April 2005

Par un dimanche de pluie - On a rainy Sunday Categories: , ~ Replies: 3

December 2004

Paradoxes Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

November 2004

Apocalypse Categories: , ~ Replies: 4

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