White sauce for pasta (Goulven)

  • Garlic
  • Cream
  • Cheese
  • Salt, pepper, cheese
  • White wine (a spoonfull)

While you cook the pasta, grill the garlic in very small pieces in a pot, then pour the cream and wine. Spice it up with salt, pepper and whatever you feel like, then double the doses because the pasta will swallow half the taste. Stir a little and add the cheese so that it melts.
The tasteless Swedish cheese was all right, but blue cheese, goat cheese, or maybe something less usual like camembert (which we could use more often in cooking, to take advantage of its evident strong taste) should be even better.
Pour the sauce over the pasta, then sprinkle some herbs over it and there you are! Strong taste, properly enhanced and sweetened by the cream and wine, and the herbs to freshen up the garlic and pepper starkness. The herbs look great on the plate too...
Feel free to add your own variations in the comments!


Can't wait to try this with real French cheese... :P


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