The fridge light mystery

Posted Thursday, January 19, 2006

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I believe most kids have tried this: closing the fridge door with your head inside, to see whether the light would go out or not.

In much the same line of thought, I can't help believing that windows displays an error message whenever you disconnect the screen. Honestly, why wouldn't it, with all it's "plug'n play" wizardry, that so boringly scans your external hard drive in its entirety as you hot-plug it...

While googling for the "missing keyboard - press any key to continue" error message, I stumbled upon this on the Compaq FAQ:

Where do I find the "Any" key on my keyboard? (FAQ2859). The term "any key" does not refer to a particular key on the keyboard.

And yet more funnies:
So geek, but some good ones.

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