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Posted Saturday, December 17, 2005

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First, Nils came up to the front of the stage, and very softly started the concert. Delicately all the other instruments took their place around the trumpet: a guitar so much transformed that most of the time it's impossible to recognise it from the tweeting and tweaking answering it from accross the stage. A Dj and drummer building a rhythm together, before stamping it full swing fortissimo, paving the way for the trumpet all the way to our aural pleasure lobes.

Amid a pile of effect racks and boxes, modeled in the air by the sweeping lights, there stood Nils Petter Molvaer. Blowing echoes into the room that faded in and out, before returning through the electronics, shifted and stretched, reinvented.
All the while the e-bowed guitar cushioned the area, accompanied by the brushing of the drums and the bass hum of an LP. After a long and intricated progression the fireworks really boomed around, multiple lines all leading approximately the same way, full of freedom and swing.

If you like your jazz with a twist and a swing, lend an ear to Nils and try to see him live, it's mind-bogling.

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