From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 10

Posted Tuesday, August 9, 2005

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Vaya con Dios sings "it's over now" in my head and that's exactly my mood right now...

Slept from 10 to 10, but my back is no better. Feet as cold as usual. Packed and left, had breakfast by the lake while the rain started again. I can't really tell, from under the trees, but it might already be too much for skating. Ödeshög tomorrow then. Will try to leave this afternoon if the ground's dry enough, to get rid of this part.
Ödeshög. Either the wind was very hard, or I was very tired, or both. Well, here I am nevertheless, and eating warm while my clothes are being cleaned. Rice! It takes much water but I should have thought about the pleasure of changing my meals every few days... And next morning too. Yes, I'm now staying in a youth hostel, I really needed a good long scrub-and-cleanse shower, it's so pleasant! This youth hostel (only youth by the name because the age average is closer to 60) is very nice, like a museum. In fact it's a set of traditionnal Swedish buildings, made of wood and with grass on the roof. I will sleep above the classroom where the walls still display tools, nets, alphabets... from the 50s.

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