From Göteborg to Nyköping, part 8

Posted Sunday, August 7, 2005

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Why do I always in very low-ceilinged cabins or huts? Even when I sleep outside my tent cloth always hangs low, bending me at nights after days of being bent by the bags...

And here's to those who know me from travelling: though I've only spent one week with but two bags, I've packed them a good many times already! As long as I find everything, and that everything fits...
Not 4pm yet and I feel restless. Not much to be done though, I can't walk on the "mosse" and I've got wood enough till I depart. The wind is blowing hard after it started very suddenly. Must be a hole in the atmosphere not far from here... High chances of thunder again before tonight. Written a letter, fetched wood, eaten, talked to people, I've done it all -twice. I've an urge to pack and get gone but I know that I still have a lot of time and I'd better be sheltered here when tonight's rain falls -where I'm headed.
This place is fantastic though, magical. The afternoon silence is deafening, and in some lights one feels as if watching a pre-evolution earth. Small lake, low plants, dark ground... The rain only makes it more charming and as the sun sprays its rays on the falling drops the lake surface turns into a brownian canvas...

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