From Goteborg to Nykoping, part 2

Posted Monday, August 1, 2005

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Today was very hard -already! I realised that I had circled around Furulund last night, not good for the optimism, then a shower drenched all and I had to pack my skates after only half an hour on the way. No hope of going fast and far today then.

Managed to find the road to Landvetter this time, walked along the bus line and lost the bike track... Walked about 4kms on the damned asphalt, stopping very often to relieve my back.
Once, I stopped to try and rearrange my bags but it took me ten minutes just to get them back on again! Mudding my clothes, scratching my already hurt knee and trapping a red ant in my clothes in the process. Spotted a hitch-hiking place and stood there for a few minutes without luck. Decided to go on because carrying the bags is quite an effort and I didn't want to put them down for fear of -again- not being able to put them back on already. To avoid the highway I took right -which proved wrong. Walked hard, took a long break trying to eat some of the weight off, resumed with no hope of reaching Landvetter that day, swearing at each dead-end that forced me to retrace my painfull steps.
Reached a lake, refrained from swimming for lack of water and good sleeping place then took right again, in the direction of Mölnlycke instead of Landvetter. Another stupid move... Walked approximately 3kms before a woman picking up berries on the roadside told me, half in Swedish half in English, that I was heading the wrong way, and offered to drive me to Landvetter. She also offered me good packing advice and even to put the tent up in her garden, which I refused. Tried to find a petrol station connected to the highway, only found the lake where I washed the sweat away. I walked on, refreshed and with renewed hope -good packing makes a hell of a difference! It's getting late and I aim for the wild that starts right of the road I'm on. Find a good spot where I can leave the bag high, makes it easier to put it on. Four trees make good poles to hang the cloth from, I won't let the heavens fall on my head again tonight! I finish just on time to write this entry in my logbook as the hill opposite mine catches fire in the sinking sun.
Today's lesson: pack light, pack right, read maps and when there's really no hope left, play Manu Chao!
I'll try to eat my food and get better, sleep long and deep and stick to the good road. Now, I'm surrounded by blueberries so guess what's for dessert!

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