From Goteborg to Nykoping, part 1

Posted Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Left Goteborg this evening. Seventeen days of traveling, from my empty flat to an airport on the other side of Sweden. A little more than two weeks, for more than 400km. And time to think...

Very good road to Partille, then lost the cycle track and had to climb up a very steep hill. The bag is very heavy, and I can't allow myself to pick up any speed for fear of losing all control over anything. Sad... In partille, trying to reach Furulund I stumbled upon a very strange place. Small artificial waterfall, narrow asphalted paths, and all around little red glowing lights. In the darkness it took me a while to realise that I was surrounded by tombstones. How pleasant Swedish graveyards...Then I suddenly remembered one of Raphael's good advice in Lyon: graveyard means water (for the flowers)! So I refilled my tanks, pleased that my guardian angel already was looking after me. Resumed my road but, at 11pm, in the dark and with rapidly deteriorating physical condition, it has to be quick!

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