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Posted Monday, August 8, 2005

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Happy Birthday Jana! "Ah 'ot homehing behind my 'ooth, can you help me?" (Now I know this movie almost line by line <img alt=" src="/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif" class="inline" />)

While you read those lines I am probably struggling against all sort of things.

Rain, mosquitoes, hills, hunger and empty batteries in the CD player, everything must be turning against me at present. Don't pity me though, I've chosen it!

At last, a first-hand experience of Sweden's very heart: long tracts of forest, lakes as big as seas, summers like French winters, and breathtaking landscapes. At last, no temptation to eat chocolate, because it doesn't grow on trees and I manage not to indulge myself in this kind of things... (;-) girls!)

My sleeping bag is 30 year old, and my backpack 10 years more, my skates must have followed for a minimum estimate of a thousand kms in the course of four dutifull years but, how I wish they were lighter!

Finally a message to those in Prague: have fun, have lots of fun! I miss you...

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comment #1 On 25/08, BenF wrote :

Heureusement que l'on sait par Kabukim que tu reviens en France avec elle ! J'ai cru un instant que des moustiques t'avaient poursuivi sous la pluie, puis que tu avais été dévoré en haut d'une colline par un ours affamé en rade de piles pour son lecteur CD.

Profite bien de Kabukim & de Varsovie. Reviens-nous vite :)

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