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Posted Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Weeks in good company and travel stories leave me thirsting for more so I'll hit the road and cross seven borders before the end of summer: Sweden-Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Canada, Spain.

After my rent expires in Olofshöjd and before I meet a friend in Riga (Latvia), I wanted to experience Sweden on my own. So for the next two weeks I'll be hiking my way through the counrty, West to East. Major cities on the road: Göteborg - Borås - Jönköping - Linköping - Norrköping - Nyköping. Total mileage (not counting the windings and meanderings of the road): 388km.

Since I have 17 days to complete this, my plan is to alternate between (inline) skating and trekking according to the terrain and weather. As a last resort, hitch-hiking...

In other words, I'll be sleeping rough, eating rough, washing in the lakes and rivers, and praying for my CDplayer not to give up the ghost on me... Wish me luck!

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comment #1 On 28/07, Lucie wrote :

Eh ben je me demande bien dans quel état je vais te récuperer (physique ET moral...)

comment #2 On 28/07, Fetard wrote :

Bien fatigué!

comment #3 On 29/07, Anaīs H. wrote :

Et quand est-ce que tu prévois de nous dire si t'es encore en vie ?? En tout cas, įa promet d'ętre un beau périple ! profites-en bien et bises ā Lucie quand t'arrives !! ;o)

comment #4 On 30/07, BenF wrote :

Trop bien !
On attend déjā de tes nouvelles avec impatience ;-)
Have fun.

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