Antivirus, Firewall and some ***-kickin' videos

Posted Tuesday, July 19, 2005

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The installers linked here are should make your computer invulnerable to viruses and remote attacks, while the videos will keep you away from the computer trying to jump on the walls like Joe does.

The files are located in the usual folder, but here's a little description so you know what they're like before downloading.

This antivirus solution is free for non businesses, and I can only recomend it: perfect protection, seamless and always up to date. Unlike norton, fancy geek messages don't pop up everytime you try to work, and the update process is perfectly quiet: it doesn't steal focus, can run unattended, and displays a success notification in the background that disappears after 30s. No performance problem in sight either, really nothing to complain about!
The official download page if you'd rather have it from a more reliable source.
This firewall solution is very efficient, easily configurable, doesn't try to do more than necessary and once properly configured, runs perfectly unnoticed. It was previously released by Tiny but the software remains the same for this version. Later versions are free as well but contain way too much clutter so stick to this one.
Here is a nice ruleset tutorial to get started with the configuration.
Compatible with almost every version of Windows since it's pretty old but that's not a bad thing in this case. It was released by Kerio but they don't support it any longer, nor provide download links as far as I can see.
Joe Eigo 1 and Joe Eigo 2
On these two videos, you can see Joe Eigo jumping and moving like in the movies -except that this is not Matrix...
(Sorry for the proprietary file formats).

The programs are a pretty good solution against malware and viruses, nothing to complain about in months... And the videos, well, if you see that and don't feel like you're a different species, good for you!

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