High-density man

Posted Saturday, July 9, 2005

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For years it was always met with laughter and disbelief but now it's proved, asserted, verified and undeniable. Not that it's gonna help much.

Try as I might, I can't float. Twice I filled my lungs, plugged my nose and stopped moving. Immediate consequence, I sink like a stone. Now how is that for swimming, huh?
And don't think I make it up to prove my point, I have two different eye witnesses to back me!

I will therefore try to learn underwater swimming since it is easier to stay below... I need to augment my lung capacity before I learn swimming at surface level because swimming both up and forward requires more energy.

Ok, I like the idea of being original in this as well, and having too little fat is not really unflattering... :-) (sorry, too tempting!)

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