North Sea boat dream

Posted Thursday, July 7, 2005

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The storyline is all confused now, but it all made a lot of sense at the time. Setting out on a big boat, the crew turns against us yet we manage to fight it off, then discover what kind of ugly traffic is going on on the boat. But it's all scrambled now...

We -about a dozen girls and guys in their late 20s- leave for a road trip and all set out, two to a motorbike. At one moment, we (they?) need to stop and continue with a boat. But this is no Norwegian ferry, it's a real oil-and steel tanker, with a crew that resents passengers.
The ferry leaves from a strange quay in a big town, small and round with high round walls and the name of the city in large letters.

At one point a group of crewmen rides down a corridor, half-full of water, on a frame-like platform. The "last one guards", and the last one doesn't like it.
Then, or before maybe, they try to get rid of us and start roaming the boat with weapons and mean faces. We keep in hiding and manage to avoid being shot while knocking them out and taking control of the situation.
We open the cargo of games in big boxes, and all the games contain scientology propaganda. (???)
But when we start to think it's over, the captain adds that there are more passengers than us and we go down, to the lowest cargo deck where large wicker "statues" each contain a weak, all drugged up person.

I won't even bother trying to make out something from this mess...

For a lighter ending, I can mention that I also remember us buying ice cream in a repair shop, but that's just a raw memory from Norway. :-)

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