Two dreams to start the day

Posted Wednesday, July 6, 2005

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This time I jump to the computer and jot them down. And these were really pleasant... Should I try and reconnect events with what they turn into in the dream? No, it's even less interesting...

Dream number one (or beginning of the second one?): with a group of friends, we plan to go trekking and I leave for the meeting point but am early, so I stop at a painter's place I know, curled up between paint-covered boards and palettes. The painter arrives with somebody else and they are not so surprised, I explain that I stayed there to enjoy the memories evoked by the smell of paint and white spirit...

Dream number one (this time without doubts):
I am driving a very light camping-car, small and _really_ light. Inside, in the back, is a friend -Flo I think. I am driving on large dirt and gravel roads in a night that is not dark, along wide curves and in a jungle-like forest when suddenly the road stops and turns into a big ditch full of plants and water. Before I can do anything the car jumps front first into it and stalls, so I go out and prepare to lift it (told you it was light!) back up to the road. But then, I notice a snake uncurling before me, that starts climbing around my hand menacingly. It is a long, thin, green animal with yellow belly, very thin head and tongue that tries the air as it climbs over me.
Another locks my leg, a third climbs and curl around my throat. A surge of panick goes through me but I calm myself down to avoid finding out if they bite.
I tell the person in the back to move very cautiously or, better, stay in the car, and given that the snakes don't seem to move realise that they won't leave my body for it's heat is too pleasant for them. I will have to unditch the car very cautiously...
[End of dream one]

Dream number two:
In two neighbouring flats, me and a group of three girls (this time I can't relate them to somebody in particular though they seem familiar) are playing tricks on the others, locking the rooms and pretending not to hear. Then one of the girls (a doctor?) wants to go out and while I unlock the door the other two climb onto a sofa, where I join them timidly at first.
Before she leaves, she asks for directions to a place and we give them to her. The sofa is quite crowded with two, so I am really pressed tight against the other girls. I start caressing the left one, her hair close to my face...
(A really pleasant dream!)

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Hola Goulven !

Ton site devient tellement élaboré que je m'y perds !! ;)

En tous cas c'est énorme !
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Allez, bonne fin de dimanche... et bon début de semaine !
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