In the hands of Fate, I'll stay

Posted Monday, July 4, 2005

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This uncertainty will probably sound naive or foolish to many of my readers, but...

When I consider the way bad times finally turned, and how many good friends I met on the road, I can't help but trust Fate again and again. The more I do it, the better things turn out...
Is it wrong to dream, is it so unrecomendable to let life bring you what pleasure it has in store?
I don't think so. I start to believe that friends will always show up in all places, answers, aims, opportunities, challenges...
I've always dreamt of being a wanderer. I'll see what it's like for a whole month in a few weeks, maybe I'll change my mind. But I want to live my dreams, not regret years gone by.
You only learn from your own mistakes, it's hopeless to warn others.

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