More GMail fun (compose directly, shortcuts to inbox and contacts)

Posted Monday, June 6, 2005

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Think GMail is cool but slow? Tired of waiting for the inbox to load before you can start writing your mail? Fortunately there's GMail Notifier. If you can't use it, at least you can learn from it how to compose mail directly.

Here's how to:

Compose, full screen
Compose as usual
View your inbox full screen
View your contacts full screen
head straight to HTML view

GMail Notifier can redirect mailto: links to a new browser page with only the compose window. The url exposes how to modify the display. Note that your labels are not lost if they don't show up, they'll come back as soon as you head back to the inbox in a normal fashion. Of course, you have to be logged in first!
[EDIT: the inbox, contacts links only allow you to see the page, not interact. I guess the logic isn't loaded alongside, and that's pity if you want my word. I use abbreviated URLs in FF and I quite like being able to just type gm for GMail, or gmc for GMail compose.]
[EDIT2: has just been changed to, the links above have been updated. For more information about Google, I recomend google blogoscoped.]

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