21! We did it!

Posted Saturday, May 21, 2005

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21 km throughout the city. After Floriane, Katerina and me trained all winter the D day of the (semi-)marathon finally arrived. And...

2h16' (and 26s)
That's all the time it took me and Flo to run around the whole city. Katka made it in 2h30' and she really deserves our considerationbecause her physical condition wasn't on her side. (She'll ask me to erase this but I mean it!)
We ran amid a very irregular crowd and sometimes tramping through heaps of plastic cups, over one bridge and through an area of the city I didn't expect to be that nice, through cheers and supporting looks half the way.
Our biggest shout-out goes to our fantastic support team: Janka, Piotr, Rafal, and everyone whose name I can't spell, you know who you are)! Three cheers for all of them!
Right now, I just finished soaking in a big warm bath -erm... well, you have to fold your legs if you want to actually come anywhere near fitting in this bathtub but it's nice having one. (I wonder who they expect to fit in such a small space: Chinese gymnasts? Pygmies? Whatever, I'm straying from the point there...) All along the way the girls were hailed to shouts of "Heja Pippi!" because as the pictures will prove they wore red braids, Pippi Langstöm-fashion ;-)
I am very glad that Flo and I crossed the arrival line together, shaking our hands as a token of our having done it as a team.

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