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Posted Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Il existe de nombreux analyseur de statistiques d'accès mais celui que j'ai est à la fois simple et très facile d'utilisation, en plus d'être téléchargeable gratuitement.

Logging traffic can be done with various methods. My analyser is simple yet highly usable, and available for download.

J'ai donné une cure de vitamines au fichier qui me sert à savoir d'où vous venez, il est plus beau, plus rapide, plus ergonomique, et en plus il a de nouveaux bugs (enfin, j'imagine) ;-). Je compte lui faire afficher les statistiques OS/navigateurs mais j'ai pas encore assez d'enregistrements... (4ko)

I've given a boost to the log analyser I use, download it from the above link and try it out if you want. It (now) outputs standard clean html, displays results in a nice manner and gives you quick access to the most usefull functions. It also has new bugs (I suppose). ;-) I will make it display OS/browser stats when I have db records enough to play around with that.

[UPDATE: I put the latest version of the script in the archive, with code comments and just one more line, to avoid case duplicates in the keyword count. Meaning, phpBlog and PHPblog count as one. /December 2005]

[UPDATE 2: The new-and-improved version of the script has now replaced the one I talked about above. Same archive name though, but head on to Referer, user-agent and target page tracking script to read the note I just made there. /June 2006]

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