XHTML: text/html or application/xml?

Posted Sunday, April 3, 2005

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Yesterday this site switched to xml. Didn't notice? Good for you, your browser is up to standards. If you were offered to download some xml you must have come before I added a content negociation script to serve ie the tag soup it can take (and not even properly, at that).
I used to believe (like many) that my website was proper xhtml, as the w3.org validator led me to believe.
This foolproof validator now accepts my markup but I had to add a content negociator script and correct the last errors (miscoded entities).
I was not the only one serving xhtml as text/html (i.e: tag soup), far from that... But we must stop that!
We're always complaining of bad standard support from browsers (yes ie, go lick your wounds fast), but we have to use them properly or xhtml will die from misuse...
There's an explanation on html dog, and an even better one from Dave Shea (the one behind the css Zen Garden).

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