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Posted Monday, September 20, 2004

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This place is lovely. i wish I could already take some pictures of everything around, so you'd see what makes me think so: the incredibly green city center, the way some buildings disappear behind trees, the way others look like with their yellow brick complexion, or even red painted wood...
The weather is even mmore subject to changes than in Brittany: sudden rainshowers may trap you after you'd set out under the bluest of skies and fairer of suns.
Party-going is a very important activity for Erasmus students, that's why the local student rooms are quite big and well furnished.
Erasmus years are an occasion for meeting people you'd never have met otherwise. And talking with so many people makes you see the world in a different light, from different vantage points.
I would say that, in a foreign country, the problems are the same but the solutions slightly different.
You have to try.

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