What a lovely summer

Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2004

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I should say we are very lucky in here, because this year's summer was awful as recount our few swedish friends, yet we now enjoy a very warm and sunny "indian summer" as it seems. Well, let's hope it won't give way to a freezing winter of rain and clouds. More about that when the time is right. My paperwork is on its track, we might even say it'll be sorted out some day by some extrordinary piece of luck!
For now, I enjoy meeting other exchange students coming from all over the German-speaking world, and even the rest of the world. We have great parties, enjoy the very organised night-life transportation system in Göteborg and try to find uncrowded places with good music and cheap drinks, the necessary fuel to our young student's grey cells!
One last word before I leave this very Swedish keyboard: if you've never taken a training course, do it! And if you've never been abroad during your studies, do it NOW!
Thank you for your attention, and we are looking forward to welcoming you on our lines soon!

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