Saturday the 30th, April 2005

Coup de pompe - Brooding Categories: , ~ Replies: 2

Vendredi politique - Political Friday Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Friday the 29th, April 2005

Korbo? C'est moi! - Korbo, that's me! Categories: , ~ Replies: none

N'importekoi - Whadaheck!? Categories: ~ Replies: none

Accro du sucre - Sugar addict Categories: ~ Replies: none

BD Blogs Categories: ~ Replies: none

Thursday the 28th, April 2005

Yet another CMS Categories: , , ~ Replies: 2

There are a LOT of CMSes out there already, even some real industrial-strength ones I bet, but I'd like to make my own both to learn and because my requirements haven't been met as yet -afaik.

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Sunday the 24th, April 2005

Révolution numérique - The digital revolution Categories: ~ Replies: 2

Insatisfaction - Unsatisfaction Categories: , ~ Replies: 3

Friday the 22nd, April 2005

La pub inspirée? - Double-edged communication Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

Importer son carnet Hotmail dans GMail - Transfer your Hotmail address book to GMail Categories: , ~ Replies: 1

On ne peut pas afficher son carnet d'adresse proprement sous Hotmail (entre autres nuisances, d'après ce que j'ai vu). Pour le récupérer et l'importer (par exemple dans GMail) il faut contourner le système et c'est ce que je vais vous expliquer comment faire ici.

Hotmail refuses to let you see all your address book at once in any convenient way (as far as I've seen) and makes it terribly difficult to export it (for instance to get started with GMail). You'll have to work around these limits with the following hints.

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Thursday the 21st, April 2005

The bad thing about accesskeys Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Adding accesskeys (website shortcuts) is a nice usability improvement, but I would like to point out two very important things to consider before implementing acceskeys.

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Wednesday the 20th, April 2005

Contradictions suédoises - Swedish contradictions Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Monday the 18th, April 2005

L'an 2005 Categories: ~ Replies: 1

Sunday the 17th, April 2005

Dimanche au soleil - Sunny Sunday Categories: ~ Replies: none

Saturday the 16th, April 2005

Samedi tranquille - Lazy Saturday Categories: ~ Replies: 2

Friday the 15th, April 2005

Dans la tête - On my mind Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Thursday the 14th, April 2005

Concert hier soir Categories: , , ~ Replies: 3

Tuesday the 12th, April 2005

Encore une... Kitchen party! - Yet another... Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Sunday the 10th, April 2005

Brain stimulation interfacing Categories: , ~ Replies: 1

This article reports that Sony has announced work on direct brain stimulation -supposedly for disabled people- that could at last make William Gibson's 30-year-old future reality. Can't wait for that... I always felt that should it be possible to plug trodes directly into my brains we wouldn't have to struggle against machines, and could play music as we think it, draw as we see in our mind's eye, and so on. (Of course there'll be a lot of hassle before the dreams comes true...)
And I checked, it doesn't seem to be an April fool joke. Fortunately.

Par un dimanche de pluie - On a rainy Sunday Categories: , ~ Replies: 3

Saturday the 9th, April 2005

Tracy rappe? - Rappin' Tracy? Categories: ~ Replies: none

Friday the 8th, April 2005

Une journée de corbeau - One day in a crow's life Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

Léviathan [Edité] Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Thursday the 7th, April 2005

Et moi alors? - No place for me Categories: , ~ Replies: 2

Life 0.8zêta Categories: ~ Replies: 3

Wednesday the 6th, April 2005

Catégories : c'est fait! - Categories: finished! Categories: , ~ Replies: 1

Course à pied - Running Categories: ~ Replies: none

Tuesday the 5th, April 2005

Life 0.8bêta Categories: , , ~ Replies: none

Installation des catégories avec PHP - Categories setup with PHP Categories: , ~ Replies: none

Dernière amélioration: les catégories - Latest improvement: categories Categories: ~ Replies: 3

Monday the 4th, April 2005

XHTML, HTML et les standards Categories: , ~ Replies: 1

Sunday the 3rd, April 2005

XHTML: text/html or application/xml? Categories: , ~ Replies: none

XHTML: text/html ou application/xml? Categories: , ~ Replies: 4

Friday the 1st, April 2005

Agenda - Agenda Categories: ~ Replies: 3

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